Griffin Larson

web developer and video creator

Hi! My name's Griffin, and I make websites and videos.

You can find my websites on my GitHub,

and my videos at my media company, Stack7Media.

Since third grade, I have been teaching myself web development from resources like W3Schools.com. I'm not the best, but I find it fun.

I also enjoy making videos. I borrow a Samsung NX30 and edit with the free version of Davinci Resolve.

My vidoes are all on Stack7Media's Vimeo and my websites are all on my GitHub. (all of this is said above, but I'm just saying it again)

Just so you know, the code for this website is made by me, Griffin Larson, and, like most of my websites, is licensed under an MIT License. Also, I am not endorsed by any of the products that I am linking, but I do use them.